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I have two beautiful girls and love everything that is about them. It seems though that there are a few people in my life and out who think boys are better. I do not think one sex is better then the other but I am darn proud of the girls I got. We are a different species and I am happy to be given the chance to raise strong, independent woman! So this group is made for those who support us moms in raising the woman of the future!

My girls

Posted By urchin7980 on Aug 23, 2007 at 10:30PM

So we have moved..I think I have stated that in a blog or most of you know. I finally got both of the girls rooms together. I think that made a difference for my oldest. She kept saying how much she did not like this house..but ..once all her stuff was surronding her again it has slowed a little. Still being rebellious though..testing those limits so much more since we took away her comfort zone...i.e. ( the old house).
My baby had her 4 month old check-up and had gained two punds. She is a whopping 14 pounds...Ilove her chub. Everything was good and she was healthy as can be. She did hate those sots though..she got 4..two in each thigh.
Going home this weekend think it will make the girls happy especially my oldest!!!